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Experiences of a Headphone Addict

I remember good old days..Once there was Creative ep630 and I was thinking like “Wow, super good” That days lasted some months.

Those days left it’s place to a curiousity purchase that was Brainwavz m2. Then another days of geting shocked to the sound began.

But soon after my days of m2 began, an inner voice with a red stripped suite and spikey ultra large fork (a.k.a. Trident) barged its way into my brain, started to ask contradicting questions against my happy merry self. Then never left me alone even in this very day. And won’t get out in the future.



Those good old days had seen headphones and iems from Westone, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Samson, Audio Technica, Philips, Symphonized, Tascam, Takstar, Somic, And had seen dacs, amps, and daps from Ibasso, Schiit, HRT, Matrix Audio, Maverick Audio, Sansa, Xduoo..

What can that gigantic history dub me as? Headphone Addict 🙂

And so I am beginning to share my experiences and knowledge for those who seek.

Let the fun began

First Experience:

Second Experience:

Third Experience:

Fourth Experience:


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