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In Ear Headphones vs Over Ear Headphones Debate


I used to use iems all the time.

One day met with over ear headphones. They were bulky and ugly (according to the iem guy)

But days, weeks and months passed. And I am in love with over ear headphones at the moment!

What caused this transformation? Easy to answer 🙂 Un matched soundstage and comfort of these. Open backed ones had much of it.

MEElectronics A151pSummer came with blazin’ sun above. I thought “Summer time in not suitable for such headphones, so I should switch to iems till summer ends”

So I borrowed a friends iem at the beginning. It was Westone w2.

It only took 2 days to get it shipped back 🙁 Thus I learnt that iems would be no match for a proper over ear, especially planar magnets.

What is the real reason behind my return? The real reason is I understood that IEM does not have the soundstage, comfort and realism of a say hd650 or he400s. Unless if you spend some grands :/

Now I am using over ears all the time except very hot moments of the day.


What are your opinions on this debate?

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