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Pendulumic Stance S1+ Impressions

Let’s begin from the last, today. Well here it comes!


Pendulumic Stance S1+  is what am I taking about.

Pendulumic Stance S1+

Purchased it after reading all the rave about this Bluetooth Headphone. While reading all those positive comments etc, red devil in my head always asked “quality and bluetooth? These two won’t even come close!”

The steampunk influended headphone arrived yesterday and today I am listening Vivaldi – Four Seasons (La Primavera – Allegro) off bluetooth off my MBA and I am simply astonished!!!

Such musicality, space, soundstage, details and dynamics..Hell, this isn’t the cabled connection! S1+ has the option to connect via its mini to mini cable. But no, using solely on BT now to evaluate clearly.

Then switched to more modern musics. Started to listen “ska blues” to test its dynamics, details and vocals..The result: Depicted the pace in the music, vocal in the front, other instruments properly projected, sax is just like a sax 🙂 This time for bass oriented music. Started to play Savant- Spaceship. The first obvious thing to notice is the weight and quality of the bass rthyme in this dubstep piece. Presentation is forward, vocal is too. Stage is wide enough for a closed can. Continued to Rider in Red. Vocal is placed too front 🙂 With a small hint of sibilance. Guys, it seems that I am listening to an IEM, instead of an over head headphone 🙂 Then came the time of Jason Mraz for some calm and sentimental music with empasis on his vocal and natural instruments. Everything is fine. No sibilance this time. General resolution is satisfying. Crashes or cymbals of the drum set is detailed. But background instruments is not that much detailed.

Switching to cabled connection to Bluetooth takes a little time to get used to. But after you set it BT connection up, you won’t be disappointed.

Highly recommended for anyone who feels like to break the rule: BT is BAD, Wired is GOOD.
This is Mahir speaking with experience of more than 50 iem and over-on head headphones and 3 BT headphones.

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