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RHA – s500i Impressions

RHA supplied me with its RHA – S500i. I will do the impressions and review at both English and Turkish. I will always be neutral.

It all starts with a package full of details. Then some technical information:


A tiny and humble iem with almost no sparky details. And still plenty of premium craftmanship.

rha 500i jack


 Positive improvements happened after the burn-in phase. Sub basses and drum dynmaics improved, resolution as well. Diminished its extensions and got faster.

With vocals first, the rest of the mid frequency made me glad. With all the instrument and vocals in front you it was a brilliant moment especially if you consider the size of this tiny beast 🙂 On thing to note: the clarity is especially high in blown instruments such as Ney, flute and pipes.

We did clearly seen this ( rha s500i’s ) miniature iem’s spectacular performance. If such result for this budget level piece, we wonder the higher level pieces performances.


 Silver Medal

Hakkında CapoN

Furkan - Her sesin değil kaliteli sesin peşinde..


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